Standing at the crossroads of the world, Dash Cash was invited to land on the Nasdaq screen

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Standing at the crossroads of the world, Dash Cash was invited to land on the Nasdaq screen

September 06
19:36 2019
At 11 a.m. Eastern Time on September 5, 2019, Dash Cash, the world’s leading digital currency, officially shocked the Nasdaq screen landing in Times Square, New York, and officially appeared worldwide to show the future of global digital cash to the world.

Times Square in New York is known as “the crossroads of the world”. Every year, the global business elite gathers here. It is a well-deserved commercial core and a well-known landmark of wealth in the world. Among them, Nasdaq semi-cylindrical giant screen is one of the most remarkable landmarks, known as “the first screen in the world”, which has always been the show of the world’s top outstanding companies. From Baidu, Huawei and Ant Golden Clothes in 2011, the voice of excellent brands is transmitted to the world.

Image above: Dash Cash landing in Nasdaq, USA

This is the first time that Dash Cash has demonstrated to the world a new generation of mathematical cash that represents the mainstream direction of future development by virtue of the technological strength and model innovation of the world’s top block chains.

Dash Cash Adhering to the Decentralized Thought of Satoshi Nakamoto, And the realization of Satoshi Nakamoto’s ideal.It is completely de-centralized, which is the inevitable product of the combination of trend and technological power. Dash Cash collects all the advantages of the mainstream currencies in the world and subverts the traditional mining mode with the global innovative mode, realizing the global seconds settlement, global minimum handling fee, high concurrent settlement capacity, ultimate privacy protection and no-net payment, etc. It will lead the global digital currency trend and become a new development of the world digital currency. Wind direction. Dash Cash integrates the bottom technology of block chains into real life, making global payments safer, more convenient and faster, and becoming the next generation of digital cash in the fast-growing world.

Dash Cash’s huge advertisement landed on the Nasdaq screen, the landmark building of Times Square in New York, USA, to show the world Dash Cash’s ambition of internationalization strategy, which is also a strong proof of its growing strength.

This time, Dash Cash made a strong landing on the Nasdaq screen in New York, which made the excellent technology concept of the top digital payment system block chain spread to the world. As the pioneer of technological innovation in the next generation of digital cash payment application block chain in the world, Dash Cash demonstrates its influence to the world and leads the development trend of global digital currency.

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