Need for Massage Therapy Continues to Grow

September 10 18:06 2019
Need for Massage Therapy Continues to Grow

Massage therapy is a therapeutic discipline that is used for various physical benefits. This discipline utilizes different therapeutic techniques to heal and relax a person’s body.

The Modern Pain Dilemma and Massage Therapy

Many people are experiencing more pain than at any other time in history. This is one of the reasons why the opioid crisis is happening. People want pain relief and they want it right away. However, the strong opioid-based prescriptions are causing people to become addicted. In some cases, people are even dying from opioid-based pain medications. As an alternative to drugs, massage therapy can be used to relieve pain.

Techniques associated with this practice can help a person to find relief from pain. According to Health Day, at least 50% of all Americans are now using massage therapy for pain relief. This natural healing practice is safer than taking opioid-based drugs to alleviate pain. Pain relief is strongly influencing the growth of massage therapy as a practice.

Massage is Often Needed for Physical Therapy

The Mayo Clinic points out that massage practices are considered a part of integrative and complementary therapy. This simply means that physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals will include this practice with other forms of treatments. Physical therapy is designed to help people to recover from various physical injuries and for amputees.

Massage Life Center knows that various massage techniques are used for those important reasons. Patients that often undergo physical therapy will also benefit from physical massage. This process will relieve their tension, help their limbs, and help them to feel better.

The Importance of Sports Massage for Athletes

Sports massage therapy is an essential part of athletic care. Many pro and amateur athletes need a licensed massage therapist to stay loose and warmed up and ready for action. Sports massage therapy is also necessary for helping athletes to recover from injuries and for injury prevention. Athletes often need massages to keep their bodies strong and functioning at their peak performance. Websites such as can provide more information about sports massage benefits.

Mental Health Benefits from Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is also growing because people need it to help deal with mental health problems. People suffering from anxiety and depression can receive massage therapy to alleviate these problems. Massage has the ability to calm a person and it has the ability to make them upbeat. Skin manipulation techniques typically release endorphins and other feel-good hormones which help to alleviate some of the conditions associated with a mental health issue.

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Ultimately, massage therapy is growing as a discipline. It is showing no sign of slowing down. Professionals in the medical field endorse this technique. Many private massage therapy practices are opening as a result of its increased popularity. Many people can benefit from the benefits of massage therapy techniques.

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