Tippy and the Runaway Cloud by Theodora Klein Carroll – Finding Puffy the Cloud to Water the Corn Crop

September 10 17:32 2019
Tippy and the Runaway Cloud by Theodora Klein Carroll - Finding Puffy the Cloud to Water the Corn Crop

Tampa, Florida – September 10, 2019 – Without water, life on planet Earth would not be possible. Water is one of the building blocks of life. To teach children about the importance and the vital role of water, particularly in the form of rain, Theodora Klein Carroll wrote “Tippy and the Runaway Cloud” – the book is targeted to children in 3K to 2 to 3rd grade.

The story is relatively simple – the corn plants are wilting and Tippy and his Loyal Cloud Pony, go on their quest to find the runaway Puffy Cloud so that raindrops may fall and return the vigor to the corn plants. This book teaches children that water is an essential resource and hopefully make the Younsters understand how important it is to conserve and not waste the Precious Resource. This book would be a stepping stone into a science – the rain phenomenon, the chemical properties that combine to make water molecules, the water cycle, the forms of water, and the abnormal water expansion.

Theodora Klein Carroll has always been into early childhood education and “Tippy and the Runaway Cloud” is one of the products of her efforts – she had written “Tippy and the Raindrop” books, bringing her animated imagination and adoration for children and animals. When Theodora Klein Carroll was asked about how her book was published, she said, “A book scout discovered my books, and Toplink Publishing was recommended.”

But, of course, in “Tippy and the Runaway Cloud,” Theodora Klein Carroll has simplified the rain cycle to a child’s understanding. It also kindles creativity and encourages the children to go on to read her previous book, “Tippy and the Raindrop” where Raindrop is an important character that signifies how vital water is for all areas of life. Theodora says about her book, “My book is unique because there are no books that talks about ‘Raindrop’ my books also stand apart as unique because the Characters in them are exceptional!”

The author is hopeful that her books, particularly “Tippy and the Runaway Cloud” find their ways into schools and homes of children and inspire them to understand the importance of life-giving water and set them up to a head-start.

For more information, visit https://www.amazon.com/Tippy-Runaway-Cloud-Theodora-Klein-Carroll/dp/1733132805/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=9781733132800&qid=1561412304&s=gateway&sr=8-1

About the author

Theodora Klein-Carroll was born in North Dakota and enjoyed being raised on her family’s farm. She completed high school in North Dakota and later graduated from the University of Tampa, Florida with a degree in business management.

Theodora presently resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and eight pets; Tabatha, Byblos, Frangelica, Boo Bear, Tigger, Vivian, Emily, and Linus.

Website: http://tippytheraindrop.com/

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