Consumers of Orangina Have Multiple Options to Choose From

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Consumers of Orangina Have Multiple Options to Choose From

July 31
04:10 2020
Consumers of Orangina Have Multiple Options to Choose From

Beverages are major components of people’s lives. They help us stay hydrated and give us refreshing boosts throughout the day. At the same time, they serve as tasty treats with meals and snacks while bridging the gaps between edible fares. Nearly 1,000 varieties of soft drinks grace store shelves these days, and the number continues to grow with each passing year. Based on a recent report, each person in the United States consumes nearly 40 gallons of sugary, carbonated, caffeinated beverages each year. That doesn’t account for the amount of water, coffee, juice, and alcohol people take in.

Veering Away from the Norm

More than 80 years ago, a variation of the standard beverage entered the market. It’s known as Orangina, and instead of following the traditional soft drink format, it stands out in a category all its own. As a sparkling juice, it offers a sweet, vibrant citrus flavor with beautiful pieces of pulp and just a hint of carbonation.

Mixing Things Up

Food seems to have developed quite a long and interesting history since the dawn of mankind. In the beginning, it was a raw, bland affair born of necessity rather than indulgence. Eventually, meals began to evolve along with the people preparing them. People started incorporating creativity into the mix, and mealtime became a more exciting event. In some cases, it’s downright elaborate.

Fairly early on, people realized mixing some of their favorite foods and beverages made for some delicious and delightful new recipes. All this began with juices, wines, and other natural options that were available. Over time, it expanded to include many additional alternatives. This gave rise to cola cakes, energy drink cocktails, salad dressings, sauces, and countless other interesting developments as you’ll find at Of course, the diversity also runs in the opposite direction as many smoothie aficionados are quick to point out.

Looking Back in Time

According to some accounts, true soft drinks first hit the market during the 1600s. They weren’t carbonated, but they contained some interesting flavor pairings, such as citrus juices and honey for extra sweetness. Those natural flavors are where the drink market truly got its start. Considering the information available at, people appear to be returning to the old ways despite the increasing number of artificial alternatives to reach store shelves.

Ginger ale is one of the oldest and best-known, mass-produced beverages still available to consumers. It began as a tonic to help curb stomach upset and certain other mild ailments but evolved into a soda over the years. Root beer is also a time-honored favorite. This sassafras-flavored beverage was originally sold as a tea, but it didn’t take long to discover that mixing a concentrated version of the drink with carbonated water wasn’t a bad idea. Of course, this ultimately led to the invention of the root beer float and paved the way for quite a few other ice cream and soda blends.

Numerous foods and beverages have emerged from cultures across the globe. They’ve also had a hand in shaping many of those cultures. As societies become ever more intertwined, a growing number of culinary fusions are cropping up as well. There is no doubt an endless array of new pairings will come to light during the years to come.

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