overstockArt.com Reveals Top 10 Art for Mother’s Day 2021

April 29 23:49 2021
overstockArt.com Reveals Top 10 Art for Mother's Day 2021

Wichita, Kansas – April 29, 2021 – The popular online art gallery overstockArt.com announced today its annual Top 10 Art for Mother’s Day 2021 in the United States.  Each year, a Mother’s Day selection of the most popular artwork is compiled to let art-enthusiasts know which trending works of art are ideal gifts for mom. 

Whether you’re a mother looking for a way to treat yourself or simply want to show the mamma in your life just how much she means – their Mother’s Day collection has you covered. 

The following are our Top 10 Oil Paintings Trending this Mother’s Day:

1. Delicious Solitude

British Post-Impressionist painter Frank Bramley for many has no more significant work than Delicious Solitude. Influences from the Newlyn School and the Royal Academy of Fine arts shine through clearly. The Venetian influence on Bramley’s work is undeniable. His painting depicts a woman assumed to be the artist’s wife enveloped by tranquillity as she enjoys reading in the afternoon sun. Bold use of the square brush technique is exemplified through this best-selling painting.

2. Boreas

Out of the many great works put forth by Pre-Raphaelite Academic great John William Waterhouse, the breathtaking beauty of Boreas arises as a favourite. Painted in 1903, Boreas depicts the power of the Greek God of Northerly Wind through the presence of a maiden in a windy Romantic scene. The figure’s face casts a striking contrast against the windswept background, with such feeling evoked that the billowing fabric’s gusting breeze can almost be felt.

3. Garden Path At Giverny

There may be no other water-garden as famous nor pristinely perfect as the sublime Garden Path At Giverny painted in 1902 by Claude Monet. French Impressionist master painter Oscar-Claude Monet’s painting of the garden path that led to his home moves away from his conventional landscapes and water lilies, instead showcasing immense spatial construction and depth of detail. Vivid purples and deep red hues give life to a busy garden illuminated by the warm glow of the noon sun.

4. Female Head (La Scapigliata)

The founder of the High Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci is equally as famous for his unfinished paintings as he is for his magnum opus, the Mona Lisa. The same uncanny intensity of emotion and life exudes from the face of Da Vinci’s Female Head despite never reaching completion. The bedraggled hair led to the unnamed sketch being nicknamed La Scapigliata, which directly translates to “The Lady with Dishevelled Hair.” Dated 1506-8, the downward-looking sketch of Saint Anne may have originally been a part of a painting that never arrived, but the depiction of Jesus’ grandmother will be treasured forever.

5. Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Celebrated American painter Martin Johnson Heade’s Ruby Throated Hummingbird arrived in the early 1800s. Showing a pair of hummingbirds with a lovingly shaped nest, it’s a gorgeous example of the Pennsylvania-born artist’s love for landscapes and still life. Two birds, pink apple blossoms, bright leaves, and a glimmering sky are strikingly highlighted, leaning on Luminism and exact use of lighting. It’ll lift any space with mirth and natural warmth.

6. Still Life

The Dutch still life masterpiece Flower Still Life was composed in approximately 1726. Instead of gifting your mother flowers that wilt, why not opt for the eternal artwork of Rachel Ruysch instead? Ruysch’s insight as an anatomy and botany professor imbues her flora with immense realism. The movement created by the S-curve is undeniable and is amplified by the dimensions, detail, and lighting of the turned flowers. A more elegant balance of beauty is hard to find.

7. Discarded Roses

What could be a more fitting Mother’s Day gift than a bouquet of roses? Pierre-August Renoir’s Impressionist masterpiece Discarded Roses is celebrated as a quintessential representation of feminine beauty and sensuality. The inherent motion present in this still life makes it one of the most impactful paintings of the late 19th century. It is one of Renoir’s later paintings and a popular favourite showing just how strong the artist was in spite of rheumatism.

8. Branch Of White Peonies With Pruning Shears

Another Monet has made it onto the Mother’s Day top list for 2021. Branch Of White Peonies With Pruning Shears was painted in 1864 and boasts direct brushwork and an essence of spontaneity seen in few of the Impressionist master’s paintings. Two movements merge into one as the realism of textures, petals, and dreamy backdrop create an almost otherworldly scene of simplicity, beauty, and grace.

9. Secrets of the Night

Prolific present-day great Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bortsova charted thanks to her entrancing contemporary painting entitled Secrets of The Night. A dark dreamy woman with large ethereal eyes stands veiled by the black of night while holding a bright rose. Supernatural in its feeling and heavenly with seductive charm, it’s a painting that could best be described as an enchantress who is sure to capture and hold your gaze in any room.

10. Butterfly and Lilacs

The exquisite La Pastiche original Butterfly And Lilacs is a popular piece that fuses Martin Johnson Heade’s vivid still life with the bold Impressionism of Edouard Manet. As a playful, totally original creation, you’re ensured a contemporary centrepiece that demands attention. If your mom appreciates art and design where old meets new, this is the painting for you. 

overstockArt.com is proud to share popularity insights to help you pick out the perfect gift for Mother’s Day 2021. In the words of David Sasson, CEO, and art-lover, “The relationship between a Mother and her Child has been the subject-matter of the greatest artists in modern history. We love sharing with the world our passion for art. This is part of our duty to the art world, which we love being a part of.” 

View the full Mother’s Day Art Gallery from overstockArt.com at https://www.overstockart.com/subcategory/gifts-for-mom

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