New innovative Warm Waxing Gun helping to prevent wax burns, assures big savings on salon costs

October 25 18:57 2021
Warm Waxing Gun by Ramses Skin Care is a breakthrough waxing device which is making at-home waxing safer, faster, easier, and more economical than ever.

Durham, NC – October 25, 2021 – No more painful wax burns while waxing at home. No more pricey salon visits for waxing. A rising skin care product company, Ramses Skin Care, has recently introduced a state-of-the-art device that has proven to reduce risks of wax burns, while virtually cutting out the wait and clean-up time. Warm Waxing Gun, as the innovative waxing device is called, is intelligently designed to make waxing at home safer and more convenient than ever.

The Warm Waxing Gun has already started creating big waves across the waxing scene. From at-home moms to professional estheticians, users have shared great experiences with the innovative Warm Wax Gun. Customers have reported saving 75% of what they used to spend on waxing.

“If you check the statistics, 38% of people burn themselves with current at-home waxing kits. Wax burn is especially common among people with thicker hair and in-grown hair caused by shaving, especially those of African and Asian descent. I too had problems with ingrown hair and I scoured the market for a viable solution for years. Unfortunately, I could not find what I was looking for and that led me to develop this innovative waxing gun which is strategically designed to reduce wax burn as well as make at-home waxing safer, easier, and more economical than ever. Thus, Warm Waxing Gun was born”, stated Joe Hardin, biomedical engineer with a rich history in cutting edge research and innovation as well as the founder of Ramses Skin Care.

While asked what enables the innovative Warm Waxing Gun to reduce risks of burns, Mr. Hardin stressed on the unique operational process of the device.

“Wax burn can be caused from excess heat from the hot wax itself or stripping away of weakened skin, especially in sensitive parts of the body. What makes our Warm Waxing Gun safer than the regular waxing process is that, unlike soft wax that sticks to your skin, our hard wax ‘sticks to the user’s body hair and not skin’. Additionally, we have used advanced sensors in our gun that ensure that wax is delivered at just the ideal temperature. This way, Warm Waxing Gun resolves both the problems mentioned above which eventually enables it to minimize risks of wax burns during waxing.”

The Warm Waxing Gun comes with a comprehensive kit that includes – the Waxing Gun, 10 Waxing sticks, Applicator Sticks, Gloves, Pre-Wax Oil, and Post-Wax Oil. 

It’s easy as 1-2-3 to enjoy fast and safe waxing with the Warm Waxing Gun –

  • Switch on the Warm Waxing Gun 
  • Prep up the area to be waxed with the Pre-wax oil and wipe out the area with a clean and soft cotton cloth
  • Squeeze the gun trigger to apply hard wax right onto applicator stick
  • Wait for 10-15 seconds and then apply on the skin
  • Wait for 20 seconds after the application and then peel it off with fingers or the applicator stick
  • And it’s done in just minutes!

“There is no need to wait for long prep times with a Warm Waxing Gun unlike other wax warmers, our gun will be ready to wax in just 5 minutes. Also, with our innovative and smart device, you won’t have to deal with the sticky mess caused by the conventional waxing pots.”

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