Douglas J. Woods, Sr. Announces that Honorable Insurance and Financial Services, LLC Provides Additionally Safe Advance Market Services for Professionals

January 11 17:00 2022

The services that Honorable Insurance and Financial Services, LLC,, New Orleans offers include:

Retirement Planning, College Savings Planning, Working Capital, Emergency Funds, Death Benefit Maximization, Estate Planning with Life Insurance, Business Insurance and Much More!

According to Douglas J. Woods, Sr. “We strive to help clients find a life insurance plan that suits their financial situation. With our list of helpful insurance resources, we’ll be giving you more opportunities to secure the policy that perfectly fits your unique needs.” 

With a bonus program in place for seniors seeking protection and parents seeking a college savings plan for their children’s education, clients will receive a gift card upon coverage, and two months of premiums returned at their first anniversary review, which is exactly 12 months from getting protected.

In addition, once Honorable Insurance and Financial Services, LLC’s clients become educated on the rules and the strategies of a well-structured insurance policy (specifically an IUL) they discover how, by obeying the IRS guidelines, they can enjoy paying the bare minimum for life insurance while sitting back and watching compounding take effect on the tax deferred growth of their cash value.

Douglas says his major achievements in life include being able to provide protection to families who thought they were unable to get protection and being blessed to start his company.

Count on Honorable Insurance & Financial Services for dependable and strategic insurance services that fit everyone’s unique needs, budget, and preferences. 

If you have further questions about their insurance plans, you may simply complete a form or give them a call to consult with a licensed professional.

About Douglas J. Woods, Sr.

A common question that Douglas gets asked is “Why do you care so much about helping people?” 

Like so many others, after dealing with the loss of both his mother and his father to cancer, and subsequently the death of his brother, and other relatives and friends, he saw how important life insurance can really be. First-hand experience taught Douglas to appreciate the importance of the life insurance choices that people make. According to Douglas, “those choices can impact you and your family for years. That is where my passion to help comes from.”

Douglas is a local, licensed independent insurance advisor / strategist, certified with some of the Top Final Expense Indexed Universal Life, Whole Life, Term Life and Annuity carriers in the US. He represents most major companies and is qualified to answer any questions his clients may have. Douglas says, “I can help you put in place the best plan that suits you, and your family’s personal life, concerns and budget. After educating clients I make sure they understand the importance and most of all, the “WHY” in which this coverage is beneficial.”

Most importantly, Douglas says he loves helping others, and they should “Never Let Your Current Situation Determine Your Final Destination.”

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