The Electronic travel authorization issued by Turkey made the Visa application process easy

July 04 23:38 2022

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey issued the Turkey e-Visa, which allows international travellers coming to the country via air to visit Turkey with ease and convenience. The introduction of the Turkey e-Visa in 2016 made it easier for all foreign citizens.

Turkey e-Visa is a travel document that is necessary for all people from foreign countries to visit Turkey. Turkey Visa Application Online can be done from home within a matter of time. The Visa application process via is secured, simple, fast, and effortless. The applicant will receive the email directly to their email after the verification process. Thus, it is entirely online-based and secure. Even though the e-Visas, is electronically linked with the passport, the applicant must take a soft copy of the e-Visa received via email for security reasons.

Turkey Visa For Online Requirements

The basic and most important requirements for Turkey Visa Application Online are a valid passport, an email address, and a credit/debit card. Valid passport details which are at least six months beyond the departure are required for the Visa application. If valid details are not provided, the application can get cancelled easily. Correct email id should be provided since the e-Visa is received via email. The need for credit/debit card details is to pay the application fee through available online payment options.

Only certain eligible countries can apply for Turkey e-Visa; the complete list is available at From the eligible countries, citizens of some places can only stay in Turkey for 30 days, while others can stay for 90 days. To be eligible to apply for Turkey e-Visa the applicant should be an ordinary passport holder (issued by countries for the Turkey e-Visa).

Turkey Visa for Chinese citizens

Chinese citizens can use Turkey e-Visa to enter Turkey through land, sea, or air. They can stay in Turkey continuously for 90 days for each visit. Currently, Turkey Visa Online is valid for 180 days and an individual can make use of the multiple entries. Multiple entry facility allows Chinese citizens to frequently visit Turkey for different purposes. With this short-term Visa Chinese citizens can visit Turkey for short tourism, and business purposes, and make transit visits. To know more about the requirements of a Turkey Visa for Chinese citizens, an individual can visit

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