NHU Carries Out Activities in the Work Safety Month

August 02 20:00 2022

As an important part of the community, NHU firmly upholds work safety. This year’s Work Safety Month follows the theme of “Abiding by the Work Safety Law and Adhering to the Duty of the Principal Responsible Person” with the idea of Safety First. A series of activities, including the firefighting skill competition, emergency evacuation drill, and safety knowledge quiz were carried out during the month. We aim to build an HSE management framework featuring the safety system, so as to win the critical battle of work safety in the long run and ensure the safety and health of every employee.  

The Work Safety Month was in full swing with all segments actively engaged in activities of introducing safety knowledge and training relevant skills. 25 role models in work safety were selected in each segment to share their cases, and all employees were encouraged to share and exchange.

All production bases ramped up the communication of work safety, putting up posters to share exemplary practices and updating posts on social media platforms. The pursuit of elevating work safety was in the air.

Training courses with the theme of work safety were organized to introduce knowledge regarding the assessment of process safety, material stability, and risk of combustion and explosion. The courses prepared employees to optimize processes and prevent safety accidents and improved the overall safety level of the company.

The quiz of HSE knowledge and Work Safety Law was conducted in an animated way to deepen employees’ knowledge of work safety. The average daily active participants of the quiz reached 9,333.

During the Work Safety Month, the production bases carried out the firefighting skill competition one after another. The contestants performed various firefighting operations in high quality against the hammering heat with their proficient skills and smooth coordination. This event also greatly improved the safety awareness and skills of the employees.

Work safety is the permanent mission and liability of NHU. It is our responsibility towards the society and the employees. Oriented by the HSE management objectives of “Three Zeros” (Zero Accident, Zero Violation, Zero Emission), NHU will regard the bottom line of work safety as the lifeline of the group, strengthen the management of work safety, underpin the enterprise’s accountability in work safety, and continuously create a sound and solid environment of work safety.

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