Yesper Speed Jump Starters Review

August 05 12:13 2022
Strong and powerful, jump start vehicles with SPEED

Yespers currently offers two types of products: jumper starters (known as the “Speed” Series), and power stations (known as the “Armor” Series). Today, the Yesper Speed jump starters are under review.

Three jump starters included in the Yesper Speed series all feature the same racing design in look — check flag pattern plus a simple yet sharp black-and-white color, representing the brand’s persistent pursuit of racing spirits.

Review Perspective One: Power

The resemblance of Yesper Speed jump staters to racing cars is not merely on appearance. The first proof comes from the models’ strong power. As the names suggest, the three Speed jump starters are respectively 1550A, 2160A, and 4120A in terms of peak current, while the battery capacities are rated separately as 12000mAh, 16000mAh, and 24000mAh.

YESPER SPEED 1550 is able to provide 300A current for jump-starting 12V vehicles with an up-to-8.0L gas engine or an up-to-6.0L diesel engine in 3 seconds for 40 times at best.

YESPER SPEED 2160 offers 500A current for jump-starting 12V vehicles with an up-to-9.0L gas engine or an up-to-7.0L diesel engine in 3 seconds for 50 times at best.

The most powerful YESPER SPEED 4120 can provide 800A current, supporting up to 60 times 3-second jump-starting of 12V vehicles with a gas engine of any kind or an up-to-10.0L diesel engine.

Review Perspective Two: Practicality

Another similarity between Speed jump starters and racing cars lies in the practicality.

A device would inevitably sounds limited in features should it be able to do nothing but boost cars. However, just as hot rodders are continuously optimizing their cars to adapt to various situations on road, Yesper Speed developers are also ceaselessly increasing the product functions in response diversified demands of customers.

For one thing, a built-in 3-mode LED flashlight offers illuminating, strobe, and SOS functions. This enables Speed jump starters to be of great help whenever a user is fixing things in the dark or unfortunately getting trapped and looking for help.

For another, multiple ports are also added to meet the charging needs of different devices such as phones, Bluetooth headphones, smart watches, cameras, drones, and so on.

Review Perspective Three: Portability

Stronger power does not necessarily come in a bigger size. Speed 4120, the biggest one as it is among the Speed Series, is only 8.81*3.52*1.72”, basically the size of a common power bank. The compact design allows the maximum portability — the Speed jump starters can be put in a backpack without occupying much space.

Besides, an EVA storage box is included in the package. Users can also keep all the accessories and the jump starter nicely and tidily in the box and carry them out without taking another bag.

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