SYL Prosper Inc. unveils EzDtach(TM) design French press, a revolutionary product that solves coffee fans’ most common issue

August 06 07:31 2022
SYL Prosper Inc. brings an excellent piece of brewing equipment designed to solve the most common issue of the French press – the hard-to-disassemble plunger.


SYL Prosper Inc. has launched a game-changing EzDtach(TM) design French press in the USA market, a portable brewer that is an excellent choice for any coffee fanatic.

The EzDtach features a unique design that solves the main complaint from French press customers – that the plunger is difficult to disassemble. 

French press coffee makes use of a plunger that pushes the coffee down so that the grounds sink to the bottom of the filter. However, the plunger might sometimes get stuck or become difficult to press.

“Sometimes, coffee lovers have to use tools, and then the knob breaks while disassembling. That’s where EzDTach comes into the picture,” a representative said.

EzDtach offers a special winged nut to facilitate the disassembling process. This design makes it the easiest to use, allowing users to get the best cup of coffee or tea at home. It showcases the finest selection of non-toxic, quality materials that will not rust or break very easily.

The EzDatch is the first design to solve the popular disassemble issue of the French press in the world. It is made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass and reinforced with patented stainless-steel easy-to-disassemble parts. It also features double-screen filter technology, which keeps grounds and the finest granules out of the perfectly brewed drink.

The double-screen filters allow coffee lovers to indulge in the morning coffee ritual and enjoy every sip of their hand-pressed java. As a bonus gift, SYL Prosper Inc. included two replacement screens, just in case.

The EzDtach(TM) design French press is an excellent choice for those looking for a cold coffee brewing system or a loose tea infuser. Users can make a single serving, or they can serve a fresh pot to a group of friends.

Those who want to purchase the game-changing EzDtach(TM) design French press may check it out on the Amazon webpage to get started. The product assures coffee lovers of waking up to not one, not two, but eight cups of caffeine delight every morning.

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