Greeshow Launches an Outdoor Portable Water Filter

August 08 16:30 2022
Greeshow Launches an Outdoor Portable Water Filter
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The impact of water pollution caused by human beings has a wide range of negative effects on the well being of human beings and travelers. Pollution of water makes people suffer from many diseases. The most common disease caused by drinking polluted water is diarrhea which can lead to death if not treated properly. There are also other diseases that can be caused by polluted water such as typhoid, cholera, and hepatitis A.

Greeshow, a well-known water filter brand, introduces the newest outdoor electric portable water purifier for outdoor activities. The Greeshow’s outdoor portable water filter is designed for camping or hiking trips. It can also be great to use when RVing or traveling by car. This multi-stage filtration system reduces chlorine taste, sediment, heavy metals, chemical impurities, and other large particles in the water so that travelers end up with clean drinking water that tastes great. The product is available at Greeshow official online store starting from $9.99 to $89.00

In addition, the Greeshow portable water filtration system has a 5-stage filtration system. This filtration system includes KDF85 material, PP cotton, an ultrafiltration membrane, and activated carbon, which can effectively reduce chlorine, sediment, chemical impurities, heavy metals, and other large particles. The Greeshow Outdoor Water Filter can improve the taste of drinking water. The filtration process removes more than 99% of viruses and bacteria from contaminated drinking water. The filter also reduces up to 98% of fluoride from contaminated drinking water, which helps reduce tooth decay from fluoridated tap water.

“The Greeshow portable water filter is an innovative filtration solution for outdoor activities. The product is designed with a dual-filter system that utilizes a 0.01 micron ultra-high precision filtration element in addition to KDF and activated carbon filters, delivering the best in fresh water purification. The portable filter can be used with water from lakes, rivers, or from a tap, and it has an emergency light on the side of the unit so you can find your way in the dark,” said a Greeshow store representative.

Greeshow is an outdoor water purifier online shop with a wide range of products. Greeshow outdoor water purifiers could make outdoor activities like hiking, running, and camping become more convenient than before. It allows making drinking water safe when there is no access to running water or in remote areas. Greeshow’s water purifier has a compact size that makes it ideal for travel use, and the lightweight design means the users won’t need to carry heavy bottles of water around. It is made from 100% food grade and BPA-free materials. It is also made of rust-resistant materials with  a USB Type-C Charging port which allows charging on various charging methods like solar charging panels, mobile power supplies, vehicle power supplies, and USB power adapters.

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