Building a World-Changing Device: The Story And Customer Insight Of Communication Earbuds Industry Leader Timekettle

September 17 18:32 2022

Guangdong – The eminent company Timekettle Technologies is bringing innovative solutions to handheld translator devices. The Timekettle has won numerous international awards in design.  

Timekettle Technologies has introduced unique designs in translator earbuds. As the communication earbuds, The products are developed by using artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Timekettle believes in providing high-quality, technically sound, and affordable products. Products include Timekettle WT2 Plus Translator Earbuds, Timekettle M2 Two-way Translation Earbuds, Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds and many more. These products can translate 40 languages in 1-3 seconds. 

WT2 edge can provide faster simultaneous interpretation, with ultra-low latency from 0.5 to 3 seconds, which is the leading level in the industry  towards pocketalk plus voice translator with the same price. There are at least 6 years, timekettle and wireless pockettalk two way voice translator have been in competition.

The customers are typically looking for more natural and convenient way to communicate. It’s widely used for frequent travellers, International marriage and families, Multinational businessman and also used in church, medical hostpital, tv show etc. 

Timekettle believes that consumers’ experience is key for product development. Timekettle has consumers in 120 countries around the globe.  This rich consumer base is helping the company to evolve the technology for consumer-friendly translator earbuds. Timekettle is making conversation easy, reducing the cost of translators that hires for translation purposes. 

They knew it was something out customers wanted,so they gave it to them, The facet timekettle are always first to bring customers the hottest  language translator earbuds technical direction, Customers will continue to choose timekettle because they have deep consumer insights. They also master advanced online marketing tools, such as meltwater, helium10, similarweb etc online service to know more about customers to master the industry trend to improve their langauge translator earbud products continuously.

The Timekettle products are easy to use, reliable, and affordable too. The clients can get up to 30% discount on different products sometimes. Timekettle products are useful for daily business-related conversations, meetings, and classes. Products are able to translate conversations in real-time. These products can operate even offline. The new product wt2 edge own advanced earbud communicaition system software.

Timekettle Technologies was founded in 2016, the company is determined to establish a global brand of Al translator by using the latest innovative design and artificial intelligence and hardware technology. Since 2016, the company’s business is expanding day by day across the world. It reflects consumers’ trust in Timekettle products. 

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