Claim Compensation for Delayed or Canceled European Flights with Click 2 Refund

September 18 03:09 2022
Experiencing a delay or cancellation in a European flight? Inconvenienced passengers might be entitled to cash compensation – here’s how

Flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, and missed connections always cause great inconvenience to passengers. That is why Click 2 Refund is committed to protecting their rights by helping them claim proper compensation for their delayed or canceled European flights – hassle-free.

Click 2 Refund has a legal network of lawyers in Europe and North America, namely local lawyers (boots on the ground), to handle all legal procedures on-site, including any lawsuits if needed. Present in 20 European countries today, Click 2 Refund team has managed to win thousands of cases in court and fulfilled their responsibility to their valued customers.

Airlines know that a passenger cannot sue an airline in a foreign country just for $600. So, they are emailing legalese to fob passengers off. Under E.U. regulations, any traveler whose flight originates in the E.U. or bound for the E.U. on an E.U.-based carrier that gets canceled or delayed more than three hours can expect anywhere from $250 to $600 in compensation per passenger from the airline depending on the flight distance. The latest ruling adds anyone traveling on a connecting flight within the U.S. (or elsewhere) on a trip that originates in the E.U. under the same protection.

Working with Click 2 Refund is always beneficial. It may even be too good to be true for passengers living in the U.S. or Canada who are not aware of their rights. Similar rights exist in other jurisdictions similar to the one in the E.U. and Click 2 Refund team is following passengers’ rights under these jurisdictions as well.

Analyzing 200K flights daily, Click 2 Refund is able to make accurate decisions on if the passengers are entitled to compensation. The statute of limitation for flight delay claims is 3 years on average. There are jurisdictions in Europe where passengers can file a claim for a flight that was delayed even 10 years ago. For the UK, it has been 6 years. Passengers can claim back retroactively, and chances are higher if a claim is filed in a timely manner.

Click 2 Refund is the industry leader when it comes to success rate. Their success rate in courts is above 98% for eligible cases. Airlines know their brand – not to mention that they will follow the cases to the fullest extent of the law. There is no financial risk in engaging Click 2 Refund since Click 2 Refund bears all costs in case the court case is lost.

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Click 2 Refund is a risk-free service that claims the well-deserved compensation of the passengers on delayed and canceled European flights.

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