The Ultimate Wonder Weapon Against Thieves launches Kickstarter Campaign!

June 27 04:24 2019
Now Seeking Community Support via Kickstarter, safeU is the Ultra-Portable Anti-Theft Alarm System by a Swiss Company, Evolution Marketing!

Evolution Marketing has proudly announced that it is introducing an all-new anti-theft alarm system that will prevent thieves from stealing the personal belongings of its users. This ultra-portable wonder weapon against thieves is called safeU and it is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter’s crowdfunding platform. Moreover, 96db secret weapon against thieves is already creating a major buzz worldwide and the recently launched Kickstarter campaign is getting a great response.

“We are proud to present our safeU personal security device that has been fully developed and successfully tested with production starting now,” said Bruno Fischer of the Evolution Marketing, while introducing it to the Kickstarter community. Moreover, this wearable alarm can easily be armed disarmed, and as soon as a thieve makes a move, the alarm is activated with its unmistakable 96 decibels.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and the goal of this recently launched Kickstarter campaign is to raise a sum of $100,528. Moreover, the Swiss company is welcoming backers from around the world for their generous contributions and support and it is offering safeU as a reward for the backers with worldwide shipping. More details are available on the Kickstarter campaign page of the project.

About safeU

safeU is a remarkable new anti-theft alarm system with an impressive 96 decibels of sound and a wide range of cutting-edge technological features. Invented by a Swiss company, this alarm is designed to protect the personal belongings of its users and it is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter. Furthermore, the Swiss company is offering this alarm system as a reward for the supporters on Kickstarter, with more details available on the crowdfunding campaign page.

Media Contact
Company Name: Evolution Marketing GmbH
Contact Person: Bruno Fischer
Email: Send Email
Phone: +41 76 819 66 11
City: Zollikerberg
State: Zürich
Country: Switzerland