Fernando Lorenzo Organizes ‘March for Freedom and Justice’ with the Help of American leaders and Coalition Z

April 06 16:51 2021
Fernando Lorenzo Organizes ‘March for Freedom and Justice’ with the Help of American leaders and Coalition Z

April 6, 2021 – Tired of experiencing hate crimes, Fernando Lorenzo a concerned American has sought to team up with American Leaders and Coalition Z to host a march against hate crime in the USA, especially against Asians. The ‘March for Freedom and Justice’ is a movement in response to the spike in Asian hate crimes in the country. Asian Americans all over the country have been enraged by the growing acts against its community. 

“It started when George Floyd was murdered in the midst of a 2020 pandemic. Coupled with Fernando’s own personal experiences with racial injustice, American Leaders was created to help solve some of our world’s most pressing issues during these challenging times”, says Fernando Lorenzo.

This rally and march will begin in New York City Hall (City Hall Park) and end at the United Nations on Friday, April 9. And on Saturday, April 10 the march will end in Times Square. During both the marches, there will be a short stop for 15-20 minutes at the Union Square park. 

“We are calling to demand action through #10 demands calling for systemic reform against the racism, bias, and inequality. We want to make this clear to those in power (NYC politicians, UN representatives/world leaders) that we need to bring in a new era for the Arts, Entrepreneurialism, Humanity, and Multi-planetary Space Exploration. We believe these 10 demands will help lead us there and pave the era for prosperity and a more equal, just society”, says a spokesperson for the American Leaders organization.

Fernando hopes to raise awareness of racism in America through this march. The goal of the ‘March for Freedom and Justice’ is to propagate the ‘10 Demands for Public and Private Organizations’. The #10 demands highlight issues like systemic racism, the end of war on drugs, private prisons, and other societal problems.

For more information, please visit: Facebook.com/AmericanLeaderZ

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