Sardor Akhmedov Officially Joins the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council as the First Uzbek Member

April 06 19:51 2021
Sardor Akhmedov Officially Joins the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council as the First Uzbek Member

Throughout the years, the tech industry has grown massively thanks to all of the talented people that are breaking boundaries and innovating the world as we see it. The tech industry is where the greatest shakers and movers of the world come together to discuss ideas and emerging technologies. Serial tech entrepreneur Sardor Akhmedov has cemented himself within the industry finding success within years.

Recently, the famed tech entrepreneur has joined the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, where he is able to escalate his ideas to his peers and the staff of Harvard Business Review as the first Uzbek member ever. Sardor Akhmedov currently holds a position as the COO and managing partner of various tech companies such as and He is the youngest member of the Forbes Business Council and the youngest speaker to ever perform on the biggest business forum called Synergy Global.

With this recent achievement, Sardor Akhmedov has become the first-ever Uzbek to join the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council. Coming from a typical family in Uzbekistan, where he grew up aspiring to become an entrepreneur, he has come a long way since his humble beginnings. 

He first came to the US in 2014 after winning a scholarship to attend a private high school in Granby, Massachusetts. He then attended multiple universities and managed to acquire his associate’s degree in Business Administration. Nowadays, he has become a subject matter expert in chatbots and voice technology. Through the years, he has amassed experience by successfully launching and scaling multiple tech companies from scratch.

Today he consults multiple organizations on a variety of topics such as product development, scaling, and product-market fit. His clients ranged from startups like to international organizations like USAID.  

Sardor is excited about his involvement with the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, where he joins as a tech expert. He will provide help with scholarly articles and research at the organization, where he will thoroughly provide his expertise, knowledge, and expansive intellect. For the uninitiated, the Harvard Business Review is a general management magazine published by Harvard Business Publishing which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvard University.

Harvard Business Review is published six times a year and is headquartered in Brighton, Massachusetts. Sardor Akhmedov’s role is to provide scholarly feedback to Harvard Business Review’s editors. He will also preview new content and weigh in on ideas from the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council as well as peers from the wider world of management and leadership.

“I am honored to have been extended this opportunity to join the Advisory Council and can’t wait to contribute to new scholarly articles at the Harvard Business Review,” says Mr. Akhmedov.  

Mr. Akhmedov is continuously shaping the world through his influence and his skills in technology and innovation. With this recent development in his career, he is poised to become an even bigger influence on the tech industry as a whole. In partnership with one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Sardor is definitely carving his way to the top of the technology and research industry.

To learn more about this young talented entrepreneur and to know more about his involvement with the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, follow his Instagram. For more information, visit his official website.

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