The Animals are Dying by being Burned and Suffocated in the Forest

April 09 01:21 2021

Wildlife is important to the earth and its ecosystem. Animals are an important part of the earths organic function. It is important to learn about the earth’s ecosystem and to protect the forests from deforestation. There is very little known about what is happening to the animals. The animals are being killed rather than dying by natural causes or extinction. Many animals are on the endangered species list, but they are endangered because they are being killed. They are suffering from suffocation and being burned up in the trees. They are dying at a pace that is happening far greater than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The people who work for corporations and agencies are responsible for ensuring commerce does not interfere with wildlife instead they are being killed intentionally for money. They are people who say that they are there to help society co-exist with wildlife, but they are killing them at the request of farm owners. When it comes to the forest being burned, they are setting the fires intentionally to clear the land for greed of material things.

I do not want them to kill God’s creatures” says The Mother to His Holiness Sylfronia King. “They people who are killing the animals are the ones causing the ecosystem and the biodiversity of the planet to erode. The animals are not able to protect themselves. They are disarmed and being put into cages – the ones that survive, and they suffer because undomesticated wild animals cannot be put in a cage. God tells us that we should not murder. It is a commandment given to us in Exodus 20:13” of the Holy Scriptures.

Moreover, the animals are passing out in the trees due to suffocation.  In other ways they are dying, God’s animals are being killed by gunshot, and by fire because they are eating food that God gave to them or existing in a way they’ve always existed throughout the span of a lifetime. One of the main conflicts is that farmers do not want them to eat naturally grown food because they want to sell it and so they have them killed. The number of animals that have been murdered are close to three million a year for those that live in the forests. The forest is a place that has many minerals and rare things that cannot be replaced or replicated and reproduced. There are things in the forest that are not yet discovered or understood by the scientific community. “I am standing up for the animals, and the forests because the future of our earth depends on it. We depend on this to breathe. We cannot lose our oxygen. Our health and well-being depend on us having biodiversity” says The Mother to His Holiness Sylfronia King.

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