What are the benefits of Foam Food Box Machines

April 12 11:05 2021

The foam packaging contains a volatile blowing agent that can be used as fuel. Of course, fireworks, static electricity, or flashing lights should be avoided during storage, otherwise, there is a risk of fire. Of course, during the storage process, Haiyuan also recommends that the buyer choose a cool and ventilated place as much as possible, which can effectively prevent the foaming agent from escaping too quickly and maintain an appropriate magnification.

The storage temperature is preferably lower than 25 degrees Celsius and maintained at regular intervals. ventilation. Here Haiyuan also reminds the buyer that foam packaging uses advanced raw material selection as much as possible to maintain freshness and obtain stable operation and high-quality products.

Foam Food Box Machine

When the foam packaging foam is demolded, the molding pressure is rapidly reduced, but the mold wall is tightly pressed around the foam, thereby making it produce foam packaging. The shrinkage rate of the deformed part is greater than the shrinkage rate of the undeformed part. Therefore, the foam tends to shrink less in the parallel compression direction and more in the vertical compression direction. In order to prevent the shrinkage in the two directions from being too different, a quick-release method can be used to remedy it.

The factors affecting shrinkage are the same as thermoplastic foams, including raw materials, mold structure, molding methods, and molding process parts. The type and content of resin and filler in the foam will also directly affect the shrinkage. When the resin used in the chemical reaction releases more low-molecular volatiles, the shrinkage rate will be greater; when the released low-molecular volatiles is less, the shrinkage rate is higher than the filler content in the than or the filler inorganic filler The shrinkage rate when increasing, the shrinkage rate is smaller.

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