Naimor Shortlisted as One of the Top 10 Emerging Food Automation and Manufacturing Solution Providers 2021 by FBT Review Magazine

April 16 16:45 2021
Naimor, spread over 35,000 sq. ft space for manufacturing, has the expertise and equipment to handle diverse metal fabrication requirements. Its services have garnered numerous accolades. FBT Review Magazine has shortlisted it as a trusted solution provider for the F&B industry.

According to announcements released by Naimor and Shahrokh, this custom metal fabrication expert has been shortlisted as one of the top 10 emerging food automation and manufacturing solution providers 2021 by Food and Beverages Tech Review Magazine.

This recognition comes on the back of consistent performance by Naimor as a dependable and innovative manufacturer of grills, racks, platforms, and other products for the food and beverage industry. It has an impressive record in metal manufacturing for food production.

Naimor specializes in sheet metal fabrication in different shapes and sizes for industries that include aerospace, architecture, computers and technology, food and beverage, entertainment, and energy. It assures its customers of precisely fashioned parts at fair prices. Skilled technicians at Naimor can deliver large batches or prototypes on time and to specification. 

The company complies with ISO standards and has an extensive system of checking the parts during production and postproduction. Its facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art metal fabrication equipment to manufacture high-quality parts. Naimor executes every step of the process in-house. Its capabilities make it an ideal choice for clients that desire fast turnarounds, great rates, and the convenience of dealing with one fabricator. 

It offers choices in surface finishing, an essential part of the manufacturing process. Appropriate metal finishing improves the durability of the product and its appearance. It also contributes to the performance of the product. Choice in finishing shields against chemicals, environmental hazards, dust, and other forces are deleterious to the machined part. 

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Shahrokh of Naimor said, “At Naimor, Inc., we provide metal manufacturing services for a wide range of appliances for the food production industry. We also provide other alternatives to stainless steel – like carbon steel – that have similar hygienic properties. Our team of seasoned engineers analyzes your manufacturing process from beginning to end and makes sure all issues are addressed to deliver high-quality, safe products at an affordable price.

Our main goal is to produce high-quality metal parts and components for the food production industry at a competitive price. We employ conventional machining and modern techniques, such as laser cutting, to reduce costs while still guaranteeing durable, sturdy products. Our quality control team is tasked with the responsibility of inspecting all processes in your manufacturing process, so they can identify issues and make suggestions to improve efficiency.”

On the challenges met successfully by this metal fabricator, Shahrokh said, “It’s no surprise that the food production industry has created its trend in metal manufacturing. Along with the medical industry, food manufacturing has the highest hygiene requirements, so stainless steel is one of the most popular materials. It’s used in almost all steps of food production, from harvesting to packaging and storage.

Innovation and constant technological breakthroughs are changing food production requirements. The food production industry requires fast; cost-effective laser cut parts & fabrication to be able to compete.”

About Naimor: 

Naimor operates a state-of-the-art metal fabrication facility spread over more than half an acre. Its clients, large and small, cover the spectrum of industries where precision metal parts and components are used.  It can quickly scale production to deliver quality parts on time and at affordable rates. 

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