Skin Beautiful Organics Announces Its New Collection of Luxury Plant-Based Skincare

May 14 23:31 2021
High-performance luxury plant-based skincare for unparalleled skin transformation experience.

Skin Beautiful Organics is a new modern brand of high-performance luxury plant-based skincare. Its brand vision is to create the future of beauty from highly potent, yet healthy and non-toxic, ingredients that are good for the body and the environment. Founded in Oct 2020 by Ethel Emmons, this skincare brand received immediate attention from the beauty editors at Vogue, GQ and Tatler. The brand debuted in Vogue’s “Let It Glow” campaign. GQ featured the brand in its holiday gift guides. Tatler meticulously hand-picked the brand as part of its “Jet Set & Glow” campaign.

Skin Beautiful Organics has launched 14 luxurious skincare products and 6 beauty set collections that include cleanser, toner, essence, serum, day and night creams, scrub and mask to address skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dry and dull skin, and loss of elasticity and firmness. The brand crafts its products by sourcing locally as much as possible and selecting the highest quality of ingredients from reputable suppliers around the world as necessary to ensure efficacy. Through innovative natural science, the brand is able to deliver modern intelligent formulation that elevates the skincare transformation experience. It manufactures in an FDA-registered and GMP-compliant facility that is powered by 100% renewable wind energy. Its high-end skincare formulation meets or exceeds the Whole Foods Premium Standards for Personal Care Products and uses organic ingredients as much as possible.

The top 2 superhero products that continue to receive positive reviews are Transformative Stem Cell Elixir and Intelligent Skin Recovery Hyper-Serum.

Stem cells are about regeneration or creation of something new. In animals, stem cells regenerate tissue following a wound or injury, resulting in the initiation of organ repair. On the other hand, plants stem cells have robust mechanism to not only regenerate tissues under stress but also develop new plants. This explains why cutting the branch of a tree also results in a new bud/branch growth. As aging occurs, the skin experiences a decline in its ability to regenerate. The Transformative Stem Cell Elixir is formulated with premium plant-based ingredients such as plant stem cells, olive squalene, wakame seaweed bioferment, ubiquinone, niacinamide, and algae extract to help improve skin conditions.

The Intelligent Skin Recovery Hyper-Serum is a unique formulation containing concentrated botanical active ingredients that fortify the skin scaffolding matrix, stimulate collagen and elastin fibroblasts, and penetrate deeply below the upper dermal skin layers for profound recovery and transformation. This exceptional hyper-serum formulation is a synergistic blend of high-performance plant-based and clinically-proven ingredients such as plant stem cells, plant-derived amino acids, undiluted hyaluronic acid, peptides, kelp extract, organic sulfur compounds, niacinamide, panthenol, antioxidants, and cold-pressed plant lipid factors.

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