On its Second Anniversary, eCompete Solutions Begins its Goal Guarantee

October 12 07:33 2021
Amazon Brand Management.

As eCompete Solutions celebrates its successful two year anniversary, it has decided to launch a goal guarantee for its clientele. Through its successful case studies and exceptional data-driven results, eCompete Solutions believes that it can hit certain targets and goals through a rigorous three-month campaign.

How it Works.

The first month will be dedicated to planning the entire campaign with the specified clientele. eCompete will establish what is possible and build out a list of goals and benchmarks that the client wants to achieve. This can range from reaching certain impressions to simply becoming profitable via advertising.

There are also some key metrics that can be included such as return on advertising spend (RoaS) or Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TaCos) which both differently monitor the ratios between direct advertisement spend and revenues generated due to the advertisement. The goal is to have clear expectations so there’s no confusion with the end result. This is where the actual targets are agreed upon based on the budget, in addition, eCompete Solutions will see what can work or not work for the product via Amazon advertising.

The second month is focused on building upon the right campaigns and marketing strategy and approach, based on the discussions and testing that were confirmed in the first month. More testing and exercises are done to continue to finetune the most optimal results. As the month comes to an end, the full model of what the campaign will look like will go into full execution. The budgets will be finalized, the keywords will be decided upon and the Amazon campaigns will be built and ready to go.

The third month is all about the execution and the action. This is a go-live scenario where the advertising budget is fully ready to be used and eCompete Solutions will be fully focused on monitoring that execution to achieve the desired goals set out in the initial month. Through the planning and building phases, the feasibility of the overall goals will also be vetted, ensuring that they are actually possible to achieve.

The Guarantee

The aim for this promotion is to pair clients up with the track record that eCompete Solutions have built up and to hire them as the localized Amazon Brand Digital Marketing solution.

This is not a sales guarantee but a marketing goals guarantee, that the target that was agreed upon has been hit over a three month period. The ultimate goal is to have the trial client convert to a monthly agreement plan that can always be cancelled a month before. If the goals are not achieved eCompete Solutions will refund their fee.

The confidence comes from their data focused business model for the past two years, understanding the intricacies of Amazon based advertising. They know what can and cannot be achieved, and have used this information to tweak their skill set and marketing style to be able to provide the aforementioned guarantee.

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