HGR Launches New Auction Platform: Bid On Equipment Online And Sell Directly From Any Location

January 13 23:45 2022
HGR Auctions connects buyers and sellers with industrial equipment around the world.

HGR, the leading online marketplace for used industrial surplus, launches a new auction platform, HGR Auctions. Now, HGR customers now have a convenient platform to place bids on industrial equipment from anywhere in the world and sell equipment directly from their facilities.

HGR is known for their tagline, “We Buy and Sell Everything!” With over 150,000 items purchased every year from companies worldwide and sold on the online marketplace, HGR is now opening a new platform. HGR Auctions will meet the demands of other sellers who don’t want to move equipment and buyers looking to name their price. 

HGR Auctions will host its first online auction on Thursday, January 20, 2022. Buyers can go to auctions.hgrinc.com today to create an account, register to bid, and preview inventory in the inaugural sale. HGR’s January 20 auction will feature CNC lathes, grinders, robotic cells, air compressors, forklifts, drill presses, and other equipment. Every item on HGR Auctions will include a detailed description with photos and the ability to contact Customer Care for additional questions about the items. 

HGR Auctions provides multiple bidding options to enhance flexibility and usability for all bidders. Pre-bid on equipment up to seven days before the auction goes live. Select a maximum bid during a live auction for easy and automatic bid increases. Finally, choose instant bidding to quickly place bids without the bid confirmation screen.

“Companies looking to sell equipment can maximize revenue through HGR Auctions in addition to our marketplace, while customers looking to buy have greater access to industrial equipment,” says Conner Humphrey, EVP of Operations.

To learn more about HGR Auctions, visit HGR’s Auction platform or call (216) 486-4567.

About HGR

HGR lives up to the motto, “We Buy and Sell Everything!” With over 20 years of experience, HGR serves domestic and international customers by buying and selling thousands of used surplus items. Find industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, parts, and tools on HGR’s online marketplace or the HGR Auctions website.

Additionally, HGR offers decommissioning services and asset appraisal services to help manufacturers relieve the effort of selling their industrial surplus.

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