FTC International helps Canadian and American Businesses in the food industry with food labelling, food safety and product development

August 03 02:24 2022
FTC International Consulting works with business to simplify food labelling compliance, food safety documentation and product development in compliance with Health Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture.

FTC International Consulting is a food consulting firm in Canada that works with clients to take the hassle out of food label compliance. The firm also offers consulting in the areas of food product development, food safety documentation and compliance. The Company offers fast, reliable and affordable solutions for food manufacturers, distributors, importers and exporters to the Canadian and US markets. 

The team, which very experienced in both US and Canadian food regulations, can help with developing new consumer products, offering quick turn around, ingredients sourced from preferred vendors, and in the process of developing the products, also develops processing methods to help manufacturers quickly dial in and scale up newly formulated products.

FTC International also designs and writes comprehensive quality assurance manuals, Preventative Control Plans and HACCP plans for all types of operations. 

“We have helped clients obtain organic certification, as well Non-GMO certification, as well as provincial and Federal Food Safety plans”

To help new and existing businesses navigate the food industry, FTC International shares valuable information and updates on its blog. These blogs help companies stay abreast of changes in the industry, regulations and requirements to anticipate upcoming changes that will affect the way foods are manufactured or sold.

The company takes pride in the reliability, efficiency and affordability of its services, making it one of the leading food label compliance solution provider in North America. FTC International encourages inquiries from companies needing assistance with food labelling, food product development, food safety and regulatory compliance with Canadian and US regulations.

“We will ensure that your product adheres to strict quality and safety standards”

About FTC International:

FTC International Consulting is a renowned food consulting solutions providers that offers a range of services the help brands in the food industry diversify, succeed and comply with food labelling, food safety and other regulatory requirements.

The team of experienced food scientists and consultants has worked with some of the world’s best known brand and has helped numerous companies generate millions of dollars in additional revenue.

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