NEW WORLD PROTOCOL NFT+DeFi Endows Real Estate Digitization with Endless Possibilities

August 03 22:38 2022

A JPG picture, a piece of digital artwork, created by Artist Mike Winkelmann (also known as Beeple) has been sold at the price of more than $69 million at Christie’s auction house in London. With this auction at Christie, NFT makes digital art tradable via blockchain like cryptocurrencies, which proves that crypto art is potential in setting off a craze in the art world. With a stable growing trend, the NFT market has cut a figure in the fields of collection, game, digital art and domain name.

The industry of real estate is closely related to our daily life such as office building, hotel for business trip, investment in real estate or residential places, which means that we are deeply involved in the industry of real estate with different identities. If the real society is the first world that we are living in, the virtual industry will be the second world where we are in. Therefore, it is not occasional for the appearance of NFT real estate. The appearance of New World certifies the inevitability of NFT real estate, while NEW WORLD NFT must be the key to the future world, eventually breaking the block between ecological plates and connecting the virtual and the real. Therefore, NFT+DeFi endows real estate digitization with endless possibilities.

As the interior quality of a thing, value will sublimate this thing to certain extent. The first Web3.0 NFT real estate in the world created by New World will solve the disadvantages such as long transaction period, complex changes in real estate and long personnel consumption in the traditional society in the end. People and houses are completely different in the world, while the unique property of NFT will make the assets of real estate blockchain safer. New World will facilitate the economic cycle of the digital society through new growth engines, which will bring participants great value.

Adopting the new method of NFT+DeFi, NEW WORLD PROTOCOL allows all users to deeply explore the value of NEW WORLD NFT. Because NFT is interconvertible with poor circulation, its room to grow is limited. However, the development of DeFi brings new development vigor and possibilities, so that there are infinite possibilities for the future development of NEW WORLD NFT.

After a few years of development, DeFi has realized indelible achievements and showed an irresistible development trend with unparalleled advantages in the aspects of improving privacy, fairness and asset security and reducing financial cost and de-trust.

As the real estate aggregation platform in the era of Web3.0, New World aims to build a mixed real meta-universe digital real estate NFT ecosystem combining the real and the virtual. In New World, people can participate in the ecological construction of New World, dig the NFT value contained in the field of real estate and realize real estate digitization by investment, behavior, consumption and other forms, so as to find own token value in the new economic system of New World.

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