Rayan Hayek, one of the youngest and most influential bloggers in Lebanon

August 04 23:01 2022
Rayan Hayek, one of the youngest and most influential bloggers in Lebanon
Rayan Hayek, one of the youngest and most influential bloggers in Lebanon
The latest emerging career on the internet is the creation of content. There are different ways to blog across a variety of platforms, that nowadays anyone can be a blogger. Sometimes it feels as if the internet is overflowing with information, with blogs about every industry, niche, and interest imaginable. And for the fact that the number of bloggers is on its high rate of increasing, it would be sometimes confusing to follow with the right and most influential blogger.

But when it comes to the legend Rayan Hayek, one would feel like he/she must follow him for his eye-catching content.

Instagram has been the top social media channel for influencer marketing and it is the favorite among both brands and influencers. Especially with the rapid growth of the platform over the past five years, Instagram influencers are becoming even more popular and valued. There are a ton of influencers on the platform now, spanning across a wide variety of niches and interest areas. These influencers are often creative, inspirational, and sometimes fun to watch. They create valuable and/or entertaining content that engages their audiences, which is exactly how they became influential in the first place. There are different ways of measuring a blogger’s success but one thing is for sure – its influence. Only a blogger of credibility and passion truly influence and inspire his/her followers.

Among these influential bloggers, and mainly Lebanese ones, Rayan Hayek was able to rise his name up in such a demanding niche. It all started when he was 12 years old when he started sharing funny videos on his Instagram account. Such video has caught the attention of many people from all over the world who were really excited with his content.

Rayan joined the glorious world of online influencers, and used his personal social media platforms that has reached over 900K followers on Instagram, 200K ON Facebook, and 120K on Tiktok to the moment, to start a purposeful career as an influencer.

Rayan Hayek is well-known for his awareness campaigns that covers various topics including bullying, cancer, bodycharming and many more. besides he is renowned figure that appears on TV channel from time to time. He had many interviews on Lbc, Aljadeed, OTV, TL, Lana TV, Al Aan TV, and many more radio channels. besides, he hosts the well-known show “Nojoum on Stage” on his YouTube channel.

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