An exclusive interview with the Lebanese British Actress and Writer Lina Kay

August 05 16:52 2022
An exclusive interview with the Lebanese British Actress and Writer Lina Kay
An exclusive interview with the Lebanese British Actress and Writer Lina Kay
Lina Kay is a television personality, actress, and entrepreneur whose syndicated daily talk show was among the most popular of the genre. She became one of the and most influential women in the World. Want to know more about Lina Kay! Follow up with the following interview which we were excited to make with her few days ago.

1) Would you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Sure! I am Lina Kay, I’m a Lebanese British television personality, actress, creative writer and script writer based in the United Kingdom. Besides, I am Ambassador for peace, and I always call for animal rights. And for sure you know that I am one of the founders of “Hala London”, one of the most popular TV channels all over the world.

2) Would you please tell us a bit about your studies?

Well, I moved to England with my family at a very early age for education. There I studied law and I have PHD in philosophy from England. I do speak 4 languages and gained deploys in Business and ICT from Kensington college. Also I studied many courses including music, Musical Theatre and Acting on Camera.

3) We’ve heard that you’ve refused to sell your project, why you did so?

I invented the Visual Radio and linked the radio to Robotics cameras and linked it to Social Media. My Radio was the first visual Arabic radio from the UK, after the success I moved it into TV station. My project worth 10 million pounds in 2021 and 50 million pounds in 2022. I believe that I am the best one to run it to connect the East and West together, and my project is not for sale.

4) What are you working for nowadays?

Now I am working on producing animation 3D cartoons. I will turn my cartoon project into movie and toys for kids to teach Kids harmony to live in peace together and to stop animals’ cruelty.

5) As an animal activist what words would you say for people?

All animal and all human have the same soul, we need balance, we need to live all together with harmony. I believe that we have to live all creatures in harmony to protect from destroying our beautiful gifted planet. We have to live in peace with all creatures, this is the nature’s balance.

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