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August 06 03:52 2022

AUGUST 5, 2022 – AUTONOMY, the flagship course in Richard Grove’s University of Reason, invites individuals looking to super-charge their lives, careers and entrepreneurial ventures to apply for enrollment NOW to save their seat in the upcoming fall season.

September 2022 is the official Season 08 start date of AUTONOMY, a 13-week online course, delivered live by Richard Grove, forensic historian, entrepreneur, and host of the Grand Theft World podcast.

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The 5 W’s of AUTONOMY

WHO: Anyone in need of a solid plan for their future can utilize the AUTONOMY curriculum, community, and integration exercises to identify their skills and abilities, then sharpen them to create their own unique offer to the market.

Whether you’ve already got a project, job, or business, or are starting from scratch – AUTONOMY is for anyone who’s looking to thrive in today’s world.

The people in AUTONOMY are screened for excellence prior to admission. We do this by offering prospective students free enrollment in the AUTONOMY Obstacle Course, which is a combined screening + FAQ process, to ensure students are equipped to successfully leverage the full AUTONOMY course.

WHAT: Students learn topics falling under three overarching themes: Unindoctrination, a Culture of Excellence, and High-Value Skills.

AUTONOMY Navigator Richard Grove provides instruction through Live Lectures and Question & Answer Sessions, and students practice together in Integration Exercises and other real-life applications. AUTONOMY’s curriculum covers entrepreneurship, copywriting, digital marketing, time management, meta-learning, logic, networking, accountability and integrity, media production, and more.

“The Art of Sales” is another foundational piece of the AUTONOMY curriculum.

Students learn that while unethical salesmen the world over have given “Sales” a dirty name, Richard Grove’s Art of Sales technique is different. Problem solving and listening skills are integral to the Art of Sales methodologies taught in AUTONOMY.

Graduates can take these high-value, evergreen skills with them anywhere to earn a living.

Past students’ results include: starting a new business or getting a job; creating a marketing or networking structure to maximize their reach, working for Autonomy Unlimited (the digital marketing and business consulting firm associated with AUTONOMY); developing an online course, podcast, book, or community, and a variety of other creative income streams.

WHEN: Twice a year, Richard Grove provides massive value through 13 weeks of Friday night Live Lectures, Sunday morning Live Q&A Sessions, and Integration Exercises, which students schedule for themselves throughout the week.

The lectures and Q&As are recorded so that students can watch (or re-watch) the content at their convenience — and students also get lifetime enrollment.

With lifetime enrollment, access to replays, and self-scheduled practice sessions, students can align the course with their existing schedule, at whatever level of time commitment they desire.

There is no deadline to complete the coursework, nor is there an expectation for graduates to leave the community once they have graduated. Many graduates still “roam the halls of AUTONOMY,” remaining active in the community.

WHERE: AUTONOMY is an online course. The lectures and Q&As take place over a video conferencing platform, and students complete Integration Exercises in private video and text chat rooms called dojos. Community members collaborate, network, and provide feedback on our private, online AUTONOMY Forum.

WHY: State schools and the corporate world have not prepared today’s adults to survive and thrive in the world without giving up their essential freedoms or sacrificing their principles and morals.

Traditional systems work to program individuals with a sense of learned helplessness, while rewarding them for appeals to authority and sticking to the status quo.

AUTONOMY helps students identify how these broken systems may have damaged their ability to be genuinely autonomous earners, and replaces that with tools, skills, and an individualized plan of action for thriving in all aspects of life.

HOW: Richard Grove has a unique background as a corporate success turned 9/11 whistleblower, who then spent several years immersed in research to learn about the families, events, and trends that have brought our world to the circumstances we’re in today.

Richard then encapsulated his findings from those years of research, producing various documentary films and podcasts.

Now, Richard has built his own successful digital marketing and business consulting company, Autonomy Unlimited, as well as the Grand Theft World podcast and the AUTONOMY online course.

Through AUTONOMY, he aims to help others find freedom by sharing his roadmap to success, replacing what the public school system took out of education.

Students can interact directly with Richard to ask questions or get feedback, practice their skills with fellow students, start student projects, and access additional courses and trainings inside the AUTONOMY University of Reason (an online vault of educational resources).

AUTONOMY graduates gain an effective plan of action, a sense of motivation and optimism…and an all-around excellent group of fellow students, mentors, and friends.

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