How Adriana Castillo Risked Financial Security By Quitting Her Corporate 9-5 Job To Build A 6-Figure Business

August 08 16:14 2022
How Adriana Castillo Risked Financial Security By Quitting Her Corporate 9-5 Job To Build A 6-Figure Business
Castillo, a Mexican immigrant, shares her empowering story about overcoming fears and barriers to build the life of her dreams.
At 18, Adriana was asked “Are you going to college?” to which she responded: “No! I have always been told that I will never go to college, so I have never thought about it…it’s not an opportunity for me.” Adriana thought — “Not an opportunity for me?” And in that moment she realized that regardless of what she was told growing up, she had dreams, and pretty ambitious ones.
Adriana went on to graduate with three separate Bachelor’s degrees in Business and a Master of Business Administration from New Mexico State University. After the completion of these degrees, she got her dream job at the International Business Accelerator, the global branch of the Small Business Development Center Network in New Mexico. However, after seven years she realized that even though her 9-5 provided her security, she was unwilling to limit the time and income she could provide for her family.
It was during this time that Adriana decided that she should not have to choose between time and money–she should be able to have both. Adriana said, “The thought of failure was heavy on me, and I had to decide to persevere after the lifestyle that I wanted; I refused to settle for less.” Being Bold and Ambitious bridged Adriana from her corporate 9-5 career to where she is today: a proud mom and wife, who is also a successful business coach and voice for other ambitious professionals who want to turn their experience into a profitable business that gives them the lifestyle they desire.
Through her Bold and Ambitious Marketing Academy, Adriana has helped clients launch their coaching programs and rise from 0-$100k in two months. Her client, Shivonne Davis said “I transformed my business from zero dollars when I met Adriana, to now I need an accountant – and I have never seen this much money in my life, ever.” More information can be found on the Bold and Ambitious Marketing Academy at Now, Adriana is spreading her message through her podcast, “Be Bold, Be Ambitious.” Adriana’s purpose for her podcast is to let others know that they can have it all by teaching them easy, doable marketing strategies so that they can build a profitable business that makes them substantial amounts of money, all while working on their personal schedule. You can listen to the Be Bold Be Ambitious Podcast at

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