Exploring and Understanding Life Power-Energy system in New Dimensions – A new book by Dr. Lun Bai

November 10 11:37 2022
Dr. Lun Bai, well known researcher and faculty in areas of bioengineering, biomaterial engineering, and agriculture has published a new book “ Life Power-energy System In Life: – Foundation For Unlocking The Secret Of Life”.

This work provides an overview of gene regulation pathways of animal size and growth period, moreover, explores the different phases of gene regulation to change the size of animals, providing derivations of growth function expressed in terms of somatic cell numbers as well as estimation of parameters. The book provides valuable insights and research findings about life-power energy system.

Written in a coherent and lucid manner, this book explains the basic concepts of life power-energy system and functions of life energy and power. The somatic growth system, which is animal species-specific, is determined by genetics. The dynamic process of cell proliferation and cell death based on whole-cell cycle and somatic cell proliferation rate is quantitatively described in this book. Based on the analysis of dynamic process of somatic cells that continuously proliferate and die, an animal growth model is established. A systems biology method is proposed to explore and clarify the control mechanism of the animal size and growth period.  The factors that the somatic growth system affects such as body size and growth period, and the factors that affect the somatic growth system such as changes in nutritional conditions or physiological-pathological factors are examined in detail. These findings can open up new possibilities in the fields of life sciences, molecular cell biology, and genetics in future.

The book explores related studies to understand the role of life energy and its power mechanism to promote growth and development, as well as functional activities of a living body. It is identified that the recent trend in research on aging has shifted from identifying aging phenotypes to the study of genetic pathways of these phenotypes. As there is a lack of reliable and easy-to-measure biomarkers for aging phenotypes, this study finds an important missing link in the signal pathway through which genes affect aging and lifespan. Using the signal transmission and expression of this link, genetic information regulates some specific physiological characteristics of the body, and ultimately affects the aging process and life expectancy. So, this research finds that it is necessary to clarify the structure of this link to obtain biomarkers for measuring the aging phenotype.

Examining the research evidence over the last decade, this research establishes the need for developing a particular mechanism which can explain the progression in growth, development, and various organ functional activities in life process through life energy-based vitality. It becomes vital to reveal the evolution trace of energy metabolism in the body in order to explain the change mechanism of life vitality. The evolution trace of energy metabolism can also demonstrate the systems theory of life power-energy which shows that living matter and life energy are convertible in a metabolism process.

With the understanding that the running rate of ATP along with the age reflects the human vitality state and with deeper analysis and understanding of related studies, the second part of this book examines life power-energy system as a foundation for unlocking the mechanism of irreversible aging. This work derives the basic structure of life power-energy system by analyzing the processes of formation, accumulation, circulation and consumption of the living body’s “cellular energy currency” Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP. Here, the amount of ATP in an organism is used as a measure of its life energy, which includes the amount of ATP existing in the body as well as the amount of ATP obtained from the life matter in the body.

Furthermore, this book explains a new life system model that can express the structure of life characteristics. This model consists of three major systems—Genetic information system (GIS), Life power-energy system (LPES), and Physiological subsystem group (PSG).

The new structure model of life system derived in this study

Life power-energy system (LPES) provides life energy to the whole system, and promotes life activities and maintains normal metabolism in the body. Though the coordinated operation of the three systems GIS, LPES, and PSG are required to realize the normal life activities of a living body, this research finds that LPES plays a very important role in the life system through parameter estimation and simulation of LPES. According to the growth function and basic metabolism curve of human beings, the metabolic parameters and growth parameters of life power-energy system are estimated, and the critical life power and the theoretical lifespan are defined.

In addition, this book theoretically examines and proves the Second Law of Thermodynamics in life system as well as two basic biological laws.

Based on the existing human basal metabolism curve, growth curve data, and life power-energy system theory, the evolution curves of human life power and life power intensity in life process are obtained through simulation calculations. Life energy and Life power intensity have the maximum value at birth, life power increases from birth and reaches its maximum at about 12 years old, then monotonically decreases gradually in the life process. Life power continues to decline after adulthood making the aging process irreversible. Through mathematical derivations and simulation, this study explains the evolution of aging and also provides clarifications on many observations; for example, why people who maintain comparatively higher level of vitality (higher metabolic rate and absorption rate) age faster or live shorter. This also explains why the average life expectancy of athletes who have maintained a high level of vitality throughout their lives is lower than that of ordinary people

It is shown that various efforts such as regulating metabolism, calorie restriction, intervening cell proliferation and cell cycle, may change the attenuation speed of life energy, but these efforts cannot change the trend of the resulting monotonic attenuation and aging process.

The study finds that the aging process and the life expectancy of an organism is determined by the changes of life power level and its attenuation speed. The attenuation degree of life energy or life power along with age provides a biomarker to measure the phenotype of aging, and also helps to understand the aging process.

A unique book in terms of the depth and complexity of subject discussed, this book provides extensive illustrations and quantitative derivations that captures the interest of any reader!

This book reconstructs the theory of Life Power-Energy System based on laws of Biological Physics, giving you a new panoramic view of the life process prompting further thoughts and ideas in this matter for future research in life sciences.

Life Power-energy System In Life: – Foundation For Unlocking The Secret Of Life by Dr. Lun Bai is now available in Amazon.  

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