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January 18 14:29 2023

How to use ocean currents II

1 Rosette Power Generation

Ocean current power generation relies on the impact of ocean currents to rotate water turbines and then drive generators to generate electricity. Ocean current power stations usually float on the surface of the sea and are fixed with steel cables and anchors. There is a kind of ocean current power station floating on the sea that looks like a garland, and is called a “garland-type ocean current power station”. This power station is made up of a series of propellers, and its two ends are fixed on the buoy, and the generator is housed in the buoy. The entire power station floats on the sea facing the direction of the current, like a garland for guests.

2 Barge Type Ocean Current Power Generation

Designed by the United States, this power station is actually a ship, so it is more appropriate to call it a power ship. There are huge water wheels on both sides of the ship’s side, which are constantly rotating under the push of the ocean current, and then drive the generator to generate electricity. The power generation capacity of this power generation ship is about 50,000 kilowatts, and the electricity generated is sent to the shore through submarine cables. When there are strong winds and huge waves, it can sail to the nearby port to avoid the wind to ensure the safety of the power generation equipment.

3 Parasailing Ocean Current Power Station

Born in the late 1970s, this power station was also built on a ship. String 50 parachutes on a 154-meter-long rope to gather energy from ocean currents. The two ends of the rope are connected to form a loop, and then the rope is put on the two wheels at the stern of the ship anchored in the current. Fifty parachutes strung together in the currents are propelled by strong currents. On one side of the ring rope, the ocean current blows the umbrella open like a strong wind, and moves along the direction of the ocean current. On the other side of the looped rope, the rope pulls the top of the umbrella to move toward the boat, and the umbrella does not open. As a result, the rope tied to the parachute moves repeatedly under the action of the ocean current, driving the two wheels on the ship to rotate, and the generator connected to the wheels also rotates accordingly to generate electricity.

4 Superconducting technology for power generation

Superconducting technology has been developed rapidly, superconducting magnets have been practically applied, and it is no longer a dream to artificially form a strong magnetic field. Therefore, some experts have proposed that as long as a 31,000 Gauss superconducting magnet is placed in the Kuroshio current, the current will cut the magnetic field lines when passing through a strong magnetic field, and it will generate 1,500 kilowatts of electricity.

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