“Just Take It,” Everett Sexton Harper’s debut Single Has Taken Over

April 06 19:46 2023
"Just Take It," Everett Sexton Harper's debut Single Has Taken Over

Everett Sexton Harper – Artist Photo
Everett Sexton Harper is a rising classical musician known for his unique sound and style of music. His debut single “Just Take” has garnered massive attention, expanding his audience beyond the US into 36 countries. Everett shares an inspiring journey of overcoming challenges and fighting for his dream of making music. He aims to continue refining his craft and experimenting with different sounds to create memorable and melodic music that will stand the test of time.

Musicians’ record and release hundreds of songs over their careers. However, not every single blows out to capture the industry’s attention. But that being said, classical artists such as Everett Sexton Harper are known to release timeless hits that not only take over the airwaves but also dominate the airwaves for years.

Everett Sexton Harper is one of the US’s fast-rising musical talents. He is a gifted singer and songwriter well-known for his unique and authentic sound and style of music. Only two years into the mainstream, the innate singer has thrilled thousands with his undying passion and unparalleled work ethic that sets him ahead of the competition.

Everett’s debut single, “Just Take,” is a one-of-a-kind track you should listen to. It’s a carefully composed love song that will carry you into the love fantasy leaving you yearning for more. “Just Take” has drawn the industry’s attention, amassing a massive viewership on YouTube, with thousands of streams on Spotify and other platforms. This includes expanding Everett’s audience beyond the American borders into 36 other countries.

On top of this, Everett’s TikTok account has grown exponentially, garnering over 2,100 followers in the last month.

Aside from his musical fame, Everett shares an inspiring journey, fighting to keep his dream alive. He was raised in an impoverished family in the small rural town of McKenzie, Tennessee. His father was sentenced when Everett was 5, forcing him to become an adult at a young age. However, moving to Detroit, Michigan as a kid was a challenging transition for Everett as he soon settled in the rough areas of Lansing for a good few years before moving to Flint and calling that home.

“I fell in love with music at a very early age and had a knack for singing, songwriting and performing. I vowed to make music my career at 18 and haven’t looked back since,” says Everett.

Though it has been challenging to build his musical brand, Everett believes he is still not there but on the right path to success. “I hope to reach great heights and share my gift with the world,” he adds.

Everett’s new single, “Zone 4-9,” is an excellent example of the memorable and melodic music he intends to continue making with timeless grooves. He aims to continue refining his craft, experimenting with numerous sounds to serve his fans something unique, thrilling, and entertaining.

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