Meta’s Verification System and Its Impact: Society22 PR founder Danielle Sabrina speaks on the changing value of the Blue Check Mark

April 07 22:03 2023
The introduction of Meta Verified has raised questions – is the coveted Blue Check Mark losing its value?

Meta’s recent changes to its verification system have given the blue check mark a different identity, which many people aren’t sure is all good. Meta Verified was first introduced to the public on February 19, 2023, and officially availed for US audiences on March 17, 2023. Meta (formerly Facebook) introduced Meta Verified to offer a streamlined and expedited process for users to get the verification badge on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. Currently, the Meta Verified feature is only available for personal accounts. Businesses and creators whose account names and profile pictures don’t match their government identification are not eligible for the paid verification.

The blue check mark has traditionally been a symbol of notability; however, the value and meaning of the verification badge have evolved over time. The new paid subscription system highlights the shifts in the use and perception of the blue check mark. In light of Meta’s recent changes, the debate on whether the coveted blue check mark has lost its standing has grown. As people scramble to understand what Meta Verified means for the future of verification, Society22 PR founder Danielle Sabrina weighs in on the changing value of the verification badge.

Despite the seeming decline in the value of the blue check mark, Danielle says that Meta Verified still has its place and benefits. Besides the blue verification mark, Meta Verified helps people protect their accounts from impersonators and offers additional account support, increased reach, and visibility. Even though paying for verification makes attaining the blue check mark easier, this coveted badge needs to be accompanied by a solid content and growth strategy to achieve the desired result. Danielle explains that these new changes to the verification system mean that people need to work harder to attract their target audiences.

As a public relations agency, Society22 PR is front and center in social media brand growth. The boutique PR firm has helped many people get their accounts verified. However, Danielle shares that verification is not enough to build a strong brand presence. People must still develop a clear brand identity and properly use platform features to build authority and reputation.

“Being verified on Instagram has become a symbol of credibility and authenticity, with many individuals and businesses seeking this coveted status. While the availability of paid verification through Meta Verified may have raised concerns about the value of the blue check mark, it is essential to remember that verification is a starting point for building a solid presence on the platform.”

Verification has proved to be a strong status symbol on Instagram, and with over 1 billion active users on the platform, people need a way to stand out from the mass of users and get their content noticed. Paid verification brings a flooded crowd of blue check marks, but people can still build a strong presence with the right strategies in place.

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