SouLah the Legend & Her Son Share Their Story of Hope & Survival in a Historic Collaboration on Song & Video, “Would’ve Missed Out”

April 11 15:33 2023

Laneen A. Haniah, also known as SouLah the Legend, is making history with her son, as the first ever mother/son hip-hop duo. The pair recently released their song and video entitled “Would’ve Missed Out”—as featured on network television—telling their inspirational story of resilience and hope. Both overcomers of attempted suicide, SouLah also shares the strategy she used to save her son’s life, in her latest book, “Help, My Child Doesn’t Want to Live!”

SouLah the Legend is a Creative Influencer—author, keynote speaker, poet, and neo-soul artist—who turns her personal struggles into books, music, and poetry. She is a 7-time attempted suicide survivor and mother of seven, exploring the complex behavior patterns associated with untreated mental health disorders, childhood trauma, assault trauma, toxic relationship cycles, and other causes of what she calls “the suicidal nature”.  She wants to embolden others who may be facing similar situations and plans to help break down barriers of stigma surrounding mental health. She explores these issues at length in her memoir, “SUICIDAL LOVE: The Kiss That Shattered My Soul.”

The song “Would’ve Missed Out” represents a significant milestone for SouLah. She and her son send a powerful message, urging listeners to reach out for help. They speak to anyone who has experienced depression or suicidal thoughts, offering them hope. The project also inspired her to found Don’t Miss Out On Life!, an organization dedicated to educating people on emotional health and helping to reduce suicide casualties.

SouLah is devoted to teaching people how to identify emotional health issues, so they can heal from the hidden depression that brings about the death of their hopes and dreams. By sharing her unique insights—as a 7-time attempted suicide survivor and mother—SouLah the Legend is a beacon of light for the many in society who are negatively impacted by mental health issues; whether it be their own issues or those of a loved one. She provides a way out of the darkness for those who may not have found success with traditional methods.

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