MPLA Leads Global Launch of Revolutionary Novacab Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion System – TESS

April 13 03:34 2023

M. P. Logan and Associates, LLC is excited to announce their role as global master distributor for a revolutionary new product, the Novacab Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion System (TESS). Founded by Michael Logan, MPLA establishes Distributors around the world for this cutting-edge technology.

With proven ‘plug and play’ installation and minimal/zero maintenance costs, TESS reduces energy consumption by 20-45% while providing long-term sustainability solutions to meet corporate climate objectives.

This cutting-edge technology won an international ASHRAE excellence in engineering award for its innovative design and effectiveness in energy recovery solutions. MPLA also facilitates issuing assembly licenses on behalf of the IP holder, so companies wishing to manufacture TESS can obtain that license through MPLA.

TESS helps businesses save money in numerous ways. First, it pays for itself in 1-4 years, depending on energy consumption and pricing levels.  TESS recovers thermal energy that would otherwise be wasted or rejected and repurposes it as a sustainable source of energy going forward. TESS helps facilities, buildings, factories simultaneously optimize profitability and carbon footprint.  No worries about expensive repairs or replacement fees,, TESS requires little maintenance over time, and is designed so the user will enjoy benefits from TESS for decades to come.

TESS, with the mission of recovering and repurposing wasted or rejected thermal energy, works to increase facility profits. An estimated $3 trillion of energy wasted around the world annually, can now be ‘mined’ – returning user profits, while creating new manufacturing and market support jobs in the United States and abroad.

“If TESS were deployed globally, we would reduce global energy consumption by 30%, increase power generation of all types by 25% or more, and return as much as $1T each year to the global economy,” says Michael.

To learn more about MPLA and TESS or set a meeting with Michael, visit: MP Logan & Associates – Webinars.

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