Laugh Out Loud with Jacob Eckeberger’s Hilarious Children’s Book

April 13 10:15 2023
Local author Jacob Eckeberger released a hilarious children’s book titled “My Dad’s Jokes are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad!” that captures the love-hate relationship between a child and their dad’s notoriously bad jokes. Inspired by his own experiences as a dad and a lover of dad jokes, Jacob’s book promises to keep kids and parents alike in stitches.

Jacob Eckeberger, a first-time author and resident of Minneapolis, MN, released a hilarious children’s book titled “My Dad’s Jokes Are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad!” The book, illustrated by Keith Zarraga, is a tribute to the love-hate relationship between kids and their dads’ bad jokes and promises to keep readers laughing from cover to cover.

Inspired by his experiences as a dad who loves cracking terrible jokes, Eckeberger wanted to create a book that captured the joy and exasperation of kids who put up with their dads’ humor. The story follows a new friend who tries to warn readers of the onslaught of bad jokes to come and keep them sane, but the jokes start coming at rapid fire, challenging readers to keep from laughing.

“My kid is old enough to tell me how much I embarrass him, but I still live for the moments when I can make him laugh. I wrote this book to have an excuse to laugh with my kids, and I hope it brings laughter to families across Minneapolis and beyond,” says Eckeberger.

In addition to the paperback and Kindle versions of the book, Eckeberger offers a particular e-book version that includes a donation to Little Free Libraries in Minneapolis. Every purchase of the e-book helps provide a new book for a Little Free Library in the community, supporting literacy and spreading laughter to more families.

To complement the book, Eckeberger offers fun merchandise for dad joke lovers, including bubble-free stickers, mugs, and t-shirts with witty slogans such as “King of Dad Jokes” and “Loading Dad Joke.”

“My Dad’s Jokes are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad!” has received rave reviews from readers, with a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Reviewers praise the book for its clever humor and relatable content, calling it a must-read for kids and dads alike.

“This is the perfect read-along for dads and kids who love to joke and laugh together. This is absolutely 100% my littles and their Dad. They never can get enough of his awful painful jokes. This book makes the perfect gift for any dad. I can’t wait to read more from this author.” – Lindsey.

The book is now available on, and the e-book version with a donation to Little Free Libraries can be found on the author’s website. Eckeberger hopes the book will bring laughter and joy to families everywhere and support the critical cause of promoting literacy through Little Free Libraries.

About Jacob Eckeberger:

Jacob Eckeberger is a first-time author based in Minneapolis, MN. He is a dad who loves telling bad jokes and wanted to create a book that captures the humor and antics of dads and their kids. “My Dad’s Jokes are Very (Terribly, Awfully, Painfully) Bad!” is his debut children’s book, and he hopes to continue spreading laughter and promoting literacy through his writing.

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