How to handle abnormal noises during the use of premade pouch bag packaging machines?

September 26 16:12 2023

The rotary bag packaging machine is mainly composed of standard components such as a coding machine, PLC control system, bag opening guide device, vibration device, dust removal device, electromagnetic valve, temperature controller, vacuum generator or pump, frequency converter, output system, etc. The main optional configurations include material weighing and filling machines, work platforms, check weigher, material elevators, vibration feeders, finished output conveyor, and metal detection machines. It plays a crucial role in improving packaging efficiency and enterprise output value. Next, we Chantecpack will introduce people how to deal with abnormal noises in the actual use of premade pouch bag packaging machines, in order to help enterprises better maintain the machines.

1. Main reasons: The bag given packaging machine is damaged or severely worn, as well as poor lubrication. Firstly, follow the sound system to locate the faulty area. Remove the back protective plate. If any abnormal noise is found to be coming from the gearbox, remove each fixing screw one by one and check if the lubricating grease in the gearbox has condensed. Then, mix the same type of engine oil and lubricating grease and add them to the gearbox. Tighten the screws to restore the sound. After starting the machine, the noise disappears and the sealing is normal.

2. The joint of the high-temperature belt is loose, severely worn, and has dirt on the surface. During operation, it does not synchronize with the traction wheel, and sometimes abnormal noise may be emitted. The solution is to replace the high-temperature belt with the same specification, but please pay attention to the technique – first, compress the pressure wheel spring with their hand, then place one end of the high-temperature belt on the rubber wheel, and the other end is supported by their hand against the other rubber wheel. Set the governor to low speed, and once started, rely on the motion coupling, the high-temperature belt will automatically be installed.

3. Sometimes the sound of the preformed zipper doypack bag packaging machine is also emitted by the DC parallel excitation motor. It may be due to a lack of oil in the motor bearings. If this is the case, it should be removed and lubricated with oil to remove the sound.

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