Jeffrey Martin Wiltse, aka TheChosenMortal, Advocates for Fair Mortgage Servicing Amid Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Scrutiny

July 10 19:06 2024
The CFPB recently took action to eliminate mortgage servicing junk fees, which were on their list of mortgage servicing violations

Real estate is an industry with many current challenges such as rising costs, fewer available materials, delays in materials being shipped, and a shortage of labor. For consumers, however, the challenges don’t stop at closing. Statistics show that mortgage servicers are sometimes scrutinized for misrepresenting transactions on statements, charging unauthorized amounts, and failing to terminate PMI on time. One Nevada resident, Jeffrey Martin Wiltse, aka TheChosenMortal, knows all too well the struggles of working through these types of challenges. Now, he is advocating for fair mortgage servicing practices.

In April 2024, the CFPB took action to stop mortgage servicing “junk” fees. These fees included items such as unauthorized inspection fees, violating loss mitigation rules, and more. The matter was resolved when mortgage servicers refunded fees to consumers. Still, according to TheChosenMortal, this is just one piece of the puzzle.

Homeowners who are struggling financially do have rights. Some of these rights and resources include a temporary payment pause, forebearance, and more. While there are programs in place to help homeowners stay in their homes, these programs do not help everyone. TheChosenMortal is advocating for the revamping of mortgage servicing regulations to eliminate unfair practices. “The removal of junk fees was an important first step,” said TheChosenMortal. “The fact remains that there is still much work to be done.”

TheChosenMortal is currently struggling to stay in his own home, and although his mother stepped in to help, she has been treated poorly over the ordeal. “My mom has been my rock,” said TheChosenMortal. “We will get through this, but I’m passionate about helping others get through their situations, too. I also want to make sure these kinds of violations don’t happen to others.”

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